Flight Procedures

Heliport Authority: W. G. Wilford.
Deputies: Nadine Maes, Michael Wilford

Use of the heliport:

  • PPR
  • Single engine helicopters: daylight only
  • Twin engine helicopters: H24.


Fysical data of the heliport:

  • Heliport Reference Point: 51 12 00 N – 004 21 31 E
  • Elevation: 3 m
  • Dimensions: 19,65 m x 19,85 m, landingspot 8,5 m x 8,5 m;
  • Orientation of take-off and approach axes: 070° and 250° (magnetic)
  • Slope: horizontal
  • Lighting: omnidirectional yellow lights around circumference of the landingspot and omnidirectional white lights around circumference of heliport
  • Surface: heliport = grass, landingspot = concrete
  • Surface resistance: 4500 kg.


Miscellaneous information:

  • The heliport is situated within EBAW (Antwerp) CTR, so radio contact with Antwerp, TWR is mandatory before entering the CTR and before taking off at Kiel Heliport. When EBAW is closed, the heliport is located in Airspace Class G.
  • Telephone : +32 3 260 69 72, Fax : +32 3 248 25 60.

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All inbound and outbound traffic is subject to ATC clearance during EBAW opening hours. Flight Plan is required for IFR operations.

  • Departing traffic: hover-taxi from the parking to the helispot.
  • Departure from the helispot.
  • Arriving traffic: approach to the helispot, then hover-taxi to the parking.
  • WARNING: do not fly over the petro-chemical installations to the south-west of Kiel Heliport. Do not fly over Burcht village.



During Operational Hours of EBAW Tower (135.20 MHz).

  • DAY VFR ARRIVAL: contact EBAW Tower and follow directions.
  • DAY IFR ARRIVAL: proceed for an IFR/cloudbreaking procedure on EBAW Rwy 29, then continue VFR to Kiel heliport.
  • DAY IFR DEPARTURE: minimum visibility required is 800 m. Ask start-up clearance 10 minutes before departure.
  • NIGHT: between SS plus 30 m and SR minus 30 m. Minima : visibility 5 km,cloudbase not below 1500 ft.
  • NIGHT DEPARTURE: ask start-up clearance 10 m before departure on Antwerp Tower.


Outside Operational Hours of EBAW Tower.

  • DEPARTURE IFR: ask start-up clearance 10 m before start-up with Brussels Delivery to obtain IFR clearance via Telephone number +32 2 753 84 01 or +32 2 753 84 02.
  • ARRIVAL IFR: see procedure for DAY IFR ARRIVAL.
  • VFR DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL: Class G : clear of cloud and in sight of the surface, 3 km visibility (may be reduced to 800m for short period).

Avoid to overfly the populated area of Burcht at the south west side of the helicenter, on the other side of the Schelde river. It is prohibited to overfly the AVIA tanks at the south side of the helicenter.

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Upon arrival contact Antwerp Tower on 135.20.